Recording guitars at KAN Lyd

If you like to record the best possible guitar-tones you need to visit us at KAN Lyd. A Neumann U67 stands ready to record acoustic guitars at all time. A newly refurbished Fender Concert 2 mic`d with a Cascade Fat Head 2 gives you the perfect blackface clean tones and are the perfect platform for pedals. Two pro build pedalboards give you a variety of tones. A huge rack gives you all the stereo tones you need. From LA clean to modern high gain tones. The rack preamps gets powered by the power section of a 50 watt Plexi and a custom clean head. The heads can be used on their own. In the ISO booth there’s a Marshall 1960AX cab mic`d with a Shure SM-57 and a Royer R-121. Mic preamps are 512`s on the API console. You can even get the tones from Def Leppard`s Hysteria album using the Rockman x100.
Bring your own guitars or borrow one of the high quality instruments we got in the studio. You can also hire the owner Kjetil A Nesheim to play for you. At KAN Lyd we know good guitar tones.