The load box challenge

Yesterday I made a video of how to use loadboxes when slaving an amp head like a Plexi. I did not answer what box was used in the different clips.
You will get the answer soon!! But first here’s how the reactive load was made.

Weber Speaker motors 16ohm

I used two Weber Speaker motors, they are rated for 100 watts and 16 ohm.
I made a wood box to mount them in, and they are wired in parallel for 8 ohm operation.

Speaker motors mounted in box.
Finished reactive load.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is!

In the video I used two types of loads. Most guys got it wrong. Load A was this one:

Load box A Static load

Without tweaking the amp to fit the load this one sounded the best. Not what Id suspect at all. Using the reactive load the amp got too bright without tweaking. Thanks for watching the videos I make and pleace subscribe.