Kjetil Arvesen Nesheim “The Ending”

Kjetil Arvesen Nesheim’s new track “The Ending” is now out for sale on iTunes and Google Play.
It’s a mixture Jazz, Rock and blues, heavily influenced by guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather, Phil Keaggy and Joe Satriani. The title “The Ending” symbolises the ending of a long period of struggle in the artists life and a new beginning.
“I’ve just started to write music again after almost a decade without writing. Many musicians feed on pain, and sorrow but I don’t. If I’m not feeling well I’m not able to write at all. In January 2016 I kick started my life again after a long period of sickness and depression. I’m now back in school and the next 4,5 years I will get an education. I’m feeling optimistic about the future and enjoying my life right now. I’m also very exited about my music, this is my second release in under 3 months, so If I’m able to keep this progression. I’ll might have a full album this time next year, says the artist”

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cover art The ending